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  Spanish (PRE) and Lusitano Horses for Sale in Spain



Updated  January 2015

PRE Pura Raza Espanola  Pure Spanish Horse

Professional Service

Susan Ambrose and Susana Rodriguez bring you some of the most celebrated bloodlines in Spain, from young stock to Grand Prix trained champions. Once you have arrived, we’ll get you settled into your accommodations and introduce you to breeders, trainers and show you the horse(s) matching your search criteria. 


Personalized tours are available through Spain’s magnificent countryside.  Relax and enjoy Spain’s most  prestigious stud farms, along with the well established “boutique” breeders of noteworthy and respected breeding programs.


We have a lifetime experience of breeding, training and raising PRE horses. We offer an unparalleled experience that you can only obtain from working directly with Spanish breeders who have developed relationships over decades. No foreign or outside brokers, our pricing comes directly from the breeder to you. 


Importing from Spain has never been easier.  We will handle the export details for you, the testing, quarantine, shipping, etc.  You will receive attention to every detail and have a personal representative in Spain and in the USA to handle every step of the way.


Experience the buying trip of a lifetime!  You’ll be pampered, taken to see the sights, ride Spanish Horses, and enjoy a superb adventure you’ll never forget. 

Quality Assurance

We offer Pure Spanish (PRE) & Lusitano (PSL) Horses in Spain, featuring exceptional athletes from some of the most celebrated and awarded breeders: Miguel Angel Cardenas, Bohorquez, Boloix, Escalera, Miura (Olympic Dressage Team), Peralta, Granda, Nobleza del Guadiana, and others.


Many of the horses listed here are cross trained in Dressage, Doma Vaquera, Alta Escuela, and have been rasied in family settings. We select for soundness of mind and body, athleticism, trainability, willingness to perform and overall correct conformation and movement.


Whether you are seeking an FEI competitive dressage sport horse, a classically trained alta escuela (high school) exhibition horse or exceptional breeding stock, you will find an impressive selection from outstanding breeders with unblemished reputations.


There has never been a better time to acquire an improvement sire or dam for your discerning breeding program.  These economic conditions present a favorable advantage to obtain top quality bloodstock for both breeding and  competition.

March 2015

We are in process of updating our selection of Pure Spanish Horses and Lusitanos located in Spain. 

Please visit this link to see our latest listings. This site will be updated soon! We apologize for the inconvenience.